23rd Annual Spittoon Race at The Brick

Spittoon RacingThis Saturday, March 12th, is the 23rd annual Spittoon Race at The Brick Tavern in Downtown Roslyn.  People racing everything from matchbooks to soap.  So that no one gets too much of an advantage, the races are divided into classes by type of boats and there are some strict size and weight guidelines.  In years past, the weighs in started around 11 AM (11:00 in the morning to be really clear) and racing started around 1 PM.  The races, which pit two spittoon racers at a time, can go into the night depending on how many people compete.

So if you are a connoisseur of spittoon racing, get some rest and get to The Brick early.  There will be some heavy competition in Roslyn, WA this weekend.

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