Jazz in the Valley – Downtown Ellensburg

Jazz in the ValleyJazz in the Valley is this weekend (July 29th-31st) in Historic Downtown Ellensburg. Bring the kids (kids are welcome at most venue) and enjoy the hot Ellensburg weather as you walk between ten venues (all close together) featuring over 20 musical groups. Cool down with local northwest beer or wine in the festival beer garden or local watering holes. The festival will be from 5:30 PM to midnight on Friday, noon to midnight on Saturday, and 10:30 AM to 5:00 PM on Sunday. Click link for detailed Jazz Festival Schedule.

An all weekend pass to the festival is $35 or they have daily rates (Saturday there is two rates) as well. Click link for contact info to buy your Jazz in the Valley tickets in advance – they do sell out.

Have fun!

Roslyn Moosefest This Weekend

MoosefestThe Roslyn Moosefest is the annual fan festival for the 1990’s television show Northern Exposure. For those that do not remember Northern Exposure, the show was about a newly graduated doctor who has to start a practice in a small Alaskan town. While the town in the show was in Alaska, it was actually filmed in Roslyn Washington.

The Moosefest this year (2011) is informal (every other year is informal). Thus there is no scheduled events other than a gathering of approximately 30-40 Northern Exposure fans in Roslyn. This is how it is described on the official website (see first link above):

Informal Moosefest 2011 is the off-year without an organized Northern Exposure fan festival. Keeping with the last-full-weekend in July tradition, it will be July 29-31, 2011. The only activities at an informal Moosefest are hanging out and being reminded “There is no plan”. But then, there is no registration cost either. The Moosefest Committee and whatever fans feel like joining us that weekend hang out in Roslyn. There generally are 30 to 40 fans that show up. We live “in the moment” on what to do next: eat, watch episodes, visit filming sites, drink, talk, sleep or something else. All are welcome!

If you are interested in going, I am sure you can contact the organizers through their contact page or just show up in Roslyn and track down fellow Northern Exposure fans.

Logging can be found by going to Roslyn Rooms.

Roslyn Land Dispute: Cambell vs Oakland

Roslyn LegalCame across this legal battle in the Roslyn area.  Not too news worthy since plenty of real estate around the country has been foreclosed, but still found this interesting.  Basically the buyer bought land on contract in the Roslyn area near State Road 903 and Bullfrog Road (the second roundabout when taking Exit 80).  When the balloon payment came due the buyer had various theories but one theory was the seller had misrepresented the property when they originally bought it.  The seller won.  To get more details read about the Roslyn land case here.