Lions, Wolves, and Bears Oh My

Washington GrizzlyWashington State has mountain lions, and wolves are coming back, and now so are bears….grizzly bears that is.  While Washington has long had a stable population of black bears there had been no official sighting of a grizzly bear in the Washington Cascades since the 1960’s.  A year ago, a Mount Vernon man was hiking in the North Cascades just south of Highway 20 and saw a bear.  The man thought nothing of it because he assumed it was a black bear which he had seen before, but months later with encouragement of his friends he showed Fish and Wildlife who eventually determined it was a grizzly bear.  Click here to read more details of Washington State’s grizzly bear confirmed sighting but with the first confirmation of a wolf pack in the Cle Elum area in decades and grizzly bears in the Cascades – I am just waiting for Sasquatch to knock on my door.

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