Suncadia Earns More Than $27 Million in Real Estate Sales in Early 2013

The Suncadia Resort started 2013 hot with a spike in real estate sales. Suncadia Real Estate Sales Company reached more than $27 million in the first half of 2013, and sales are predicted to continue rising throughout the remainder of the year, and 2nd homes in the PNW continue to rise according to the Wall Street Journal.

Photo credit: Suncadia Resort

Photo credit: Suncadia Resort

The growth came after an impressive 2012, when Suncadia had more than $42 million in sales, the resort’s best year since 2008. The resort has sold mroe than 1,300 homes and condos since properties went on the market in 2003, and the sales success of 2012 almost doubled that of 2011 sales. According to the Journal, 60 new homes will be developed in 2013, an increase from 40 in 2012. For more information on Suncadia Resort Real Estate, visit Suncadia’s website today.

Famous Seattle Sculptor with ties to Ellensburg Dies at 86

Most know the Seattle sculptor Richard Beyer for his public artwork: “Waiting for the Interurban.”  The Fremont sculpture features five adults, one with a baby in her arms, and a dog with the face of the Fremont civic leader who opposed the placement of the statute.  The sculpture has delighted Seattlelites on the corner of North 34th Street and Fremont Avenue North since 1979.

Madrona LibraryMany probably do not know of Beyer’s other work such as the well-endowed bull sculpture commissioned by the city of Ellensburg or the Seattle neighborhood of Madrona’s artwork The Peaceable Kingdom in front of the Madrona Library on 33rd & Union.  Like the face of the dog in Fremont, Beyer’s artwork often had hidden meaning beyond what the naked eye would first glean.  For example, the aluminum sculpture in Madrona was to show how the Seattle neighborhood could live together as one in some turbulent time in its history.  The theme is roughly based on biblical passage, Isaiah 11:6-9, with each animal representing a part of Madrona: the pig = the police, the panther = the Black Panthers, the wolf = the aggressive street youth, and the sheep = the neighborhood elderly.

Beyer shaped creative art that could be enjoyed by everyone.  Click the link to read more about Beyer’s life in the Seattle Times.

State Senator Found Dead in Suncadia Hotel Room

Washington State Senator Scott White, 41 years old, tragically died in his hotel room just outside Roslyn.  His body was found by the Suncadia housekeepers when he failed to check out.  The cause of White’s death is still a mystery.  Click the link to read more details about the Senator’s passing.

Pro-Amateur Championship at Suncadia Outside Roslyn

Suncadia GolfThe Pro-Amateur Championship at Rope Rider Course at Suncadia Resort outside of Roslyn WA is over and PGA Professional Brian Thornton of Meridian Valley CC and amateur Todd Densley were victorious.  The tournament which goes back to the 1920’s joins two players, one professional and one amateur, who combine to compete against other pairs.  This year the tournament was played at Suncadia’s Rope Rider Course which opened just this summer.  The Rope Rider course was named for the coal miners that rode the rope pulled coal cars at the old Roslyn Mines No. 9 and No. 10 which the course is built alongside.

Lions, Wolves, and Bears Oh My

Washington GrizzlyWashington State has mountain lions, and wolves are coming back, and now so are bears….grizzly bears that is.  While Washington has long had a stable population of black bears there had been no official sighting of a grizzly bear in the Washington Cascades since the 1960’s.  A year ago, a Mount Vernon man was hiking in the North Cascades just south of Highway 20 and saw a bear.  The man thought nothing of it because he assumed it was a black bear which he had seen before, but months later with encouragement of his friends he showed Fish and Wildlife who eventually determined it was a grizzly bear.  Click here to read more details of Washington State’s grizzly bear confirmed sighting but with the first confirmation of a wolf pack in the Cle Elum area in decades and grizzly bears in the Cascades – I am just waiting for Sasquatch to knock on my door.