Then and Now: Northwestern Improvement Company Store & Lane House

The Northwestern Improvement Company Building is located on a busy corner in the historic center of Roslyn’s happening commercial district. It’s the largest building in Roslyn, and also the sole remaining structure in the city associated with the Roslyn Coal Field. Built in 1889 with locally produced bricks, the original round-arched storefront was remodeled around 1916, to the cast iron and glass structure that stands today.

The Lane House, Photo Courtesy of the Roslyn Downtown Association

The Lane House was originally listed in the National Register of Historic Places Inventory as the “Silvia House” and was built by City Councilor Joseph Lane in 1895. According to the Historic Structure Report, the house is currently the only full scale example of high-style architecture in town. The home is vacant, and located at 103 E. Idaho Ave, between 1st and 2nd street, and is noted as one of the most intact residences in Roslyn, dating back to early settlement times. If you’d like more information on these two Historic structures in town, contact the Roslyn Downtown Association, and learn how you can get involve to preserve and restore the city’s history.

Storefront Studio in Roslyn

Stop by the Roslyn Visitor Center in the historic NWI Company Store building, this Friday and Saturday for the return of the University of Washington’s Storefront Studio. This is a great opportunity to learn about Roslyn and the economic redevelopment projects underway. Friday evening is a reception to welcome the 14 architecture students to Roslyn and hear from community members about the town. The reception runs from 5PM until 8PM. If you want more information about this project, please contact the Roslyn Downtown Association at (509)649-3650 or via email at  This year the project will focus on the NWI Building, the Roslyn Visitor Center, Postmaster Sylvia’s House, the tourism map for the side of the City of Roslyn administration building, and for developing a community-wide recycling program for Roslyn residents. Come on up and learn more about Roslyn!