Horse Virus Seems to Be Contained

Roslyn RidersI wrote about the Roslyn Riders event that was cancelled for Memorial Day Weekend due to a horse virus.  It seems that the virus has been contained.  Veterinarians from both Oregon (Dr. Don Hansen) and Washington (Dr. Leonard Eldridge) released separate statements staring that any horse not testing positive, exhibiting systems, or been exposed to a horse confirmed positive of the neurological form of the equine herpes virus should be fine to travel and participate in horse events.

According to Eldridge eight horses have tested positive in Washington State, none died from the virus although one of the horse was euthanized for unrelated reasons.

Roslyn Riders Poker Night Cancelled


Sounds like something out of the Old West, but no it is 2011 and the Roslyn Riders were forced to cancel the poker tournament due to Equine Herpes Virus. Roslyn Riders pass on their apologies for cancelling the event.

Equine herpesvirus is a group of viruses of the family Herpesviridae that affect horses.  According to Wikipedia Herpesviridae can affect all kinds of animals including humans, but there are several Equine herpesvirus that affect horses.