Village Pizza – Roslyn

Village Pizza RoslynVillage Pizza has been a mainstay in Roslyn WA for over 20 years.  It was an abandoned bar named Slim’s when Harry and his girlfriend approached the owner of the building with their concept to open a pizza place.  And ever since then they have been making pizza that some say is the best pizza on the east side of the Cascades.  Despite having different ownership, the pizza has been consistantly good.

Village Pizza almost ended in the mid 1990’s when a tragic fire burned the entire building to the ground.  Harry, who had started the pizza place, tragically past away that night, not from the actual fire, but from the sight of his business going up in flames: he suffered a fatal heart attack.  Village Pizza was rebuilt, carried on by his daughter, and now by new ownership.  The 4 bedroom Roslyn hotel above Village Pizza was named in his honor: Harry’s Inn.

Today, you can enjoy a pizza in the “new” Village Pizza with the same good old pizza as always.  The kid friendly Roslyn restaurant can get packed so do not be surprised if seating is limited, especially on weekend nights.  Nevertheless, the wait is never too long and if seating is limited then you can always get it to go.  When sitting you can play trivia with the Trivial Pursuit cards at all the tables while you enjoy a pitcher of beer or some root beer.  They also have salads to get you started.

So if you visit the Cle Elum / Roslyn WA area, look for Village Pizza in the middle of Downtown Roslyn at 105 W Pennsylvania – basically across the street from The Brick.

And if you are in a hurry or want to pick up a pizza to go, call ahead and order over the phone (509) 649-2992.

The New Old #3 in Ronald, WA

Old #3Just a mile or two down State Road 903 from Roslyn is the town of Ronald.  Driving through Ronald, only a few blocks long, you come across the Old #3 Restaurant and Bar.  I call it the “new” Old #3 because years ago the whole place burned down and thankfully they rebuilt the place.  And when they did, they made it better in ways, but it also lost a little charm, although the Old #3 is gaining it back.  Over the years the hat collection on the ceiling has been replenished, and the dollar bills with handwritten notes have again covered the walls.  To some the Old #3 might be a little rough around the edges, but really it is a fun restaurant and bar to bring your entire family to.  When you enter you can see the whole place: a couple video game machines to your right, the restrooms to your left.  In front of you is the dining area with rows of tables that can be pushed together for as big as group as you have.  Farther down on the left is the kitchen, and then straight ahead is the bar with televisions, etc.  The food for the most part is typical bar food –  burger and fries, jalapeno poppers, etc. but they do have a good salads including their taco salad and the chef salad.  But probably their most famous meal is “The Mother Load.”  A huge cheese burger with at least a couple patties and as many fries and onions rings as any human could eat.

The Old #3 is a popular place all year round and for both lunch and dinner.  It is not uncommon, especially during the winter, to have to wait for a table.  Snowmobilers tend to converge on the Old #3 in the early evening on winter weekend nights.

If you are ever in the Cle Elum / Roslyn area, then head down SR 903 towards Salmon La Sac and stop at the Old #3 in Ronald.  It is a friendly place to get a “Mother Load” and beer or pop.